Existence - Random or with Reason?

Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose?



Peace and greetings to all you fine people. If you have come across this site then spend a few moments and have a browse, you will find some of the information here very interesting and enlightening I hope. The aim of this site is not to convert or change anyones worldview, but it is to simpy present a certain truth which has remained elusive from our grasp for whatever reason. Ignorance, misunderstanding, lack of time, lack of resources or simply lack of interest are possible causes. I hope this is no longer the case, as this website will deliver information that is vital to your very existence.


So all that is needed now is for you to save this as a bookmark in your browser, and visit it time to time when you have the opportunity. The site has a fairly simple structure, and for your own benefit it would be advisable to go through in section order to gain the most from it. Information is presented in a clear, concise and logical manner so that the reader can hopefully relate to and understand the content.


Enough from me, please feel free to browse. Hope you gain something from your visit. Peace and greetings.